General FAQs

How to use the site SEARCH function
Simply key in the word or words you wish to search for. For best results use one or two words only... ie: BALDWIN or CAB RIDE. If searching for a product brand go the Find Your Favorite Brand page. If you know the product code or part of the code just key it in... ie: X1522DVD or 1522. You can then review the results to narrow your search. For extra info download the HOW TO guide.

Payment Methods
Mail order we accept personal check, money order and credit card. International mail order we accept check or money orders drawn on an Australian bank and credit card. For secure on-line payments we accept VISA and MASTER CARD... or you can select to pay via BANK DEPOSIT / EFT. Just select your preferred payment method on the Check Out page and follow the instructions provided. All prices shown on this website include GST and are subject to change at any time without notice.

My Disc won't play
Quite often the cause of this can be due to discs that have been handled incorrectly (ie. fingerprints or scratches on the read surface, discs forcibly removed from their casing causing cracks). It is most unusual for a disc to be faulty in any way when manufactured. There are rare instances of faulty batches, which usually result in product recalls. It is therefore imperative that you check for any of these problems before contacting us. Occasionally discs have been found to not be compatible with certain DVD players, which is why we encourage our customers to firstly check any problem discs on another brand of player. Failing the above, please refer to our Returns Policy information.

What happens if my order doesn't arrive
If your order doesn't arrive and it shipped by Standard Post there is little we or you can do about it. There is no way of tracking standard surface mail, so unfortunately you, the consumer have to take the risk. Australia Post will cover up to $50.00 worth of damage with their standard service (at their discretion). However, to ensure your order will arrive promptly we recommend using the Registered Post service. On the unlikely chance that it doesn't arrive we can track the shipment and if lost, insurance covers replacement of the goods and your order is reshipped to you. Express Post is also a good way of ensuring prompt delivery, however there is no insurance with this service... but Australia Post will cover up to $100.00 worth of damage (at their discretion). Please see the Australia Post website for their terms and conditions.

Out of stock products
We make every attempt to carry a large stock of all products at all times. Sometimes heavy demand leads to some items being or going out of stock for a short period of time or due to a supplier deleting or changing a stocked line. As all orders are filled on a "first in, first served" basis, you may have placed an item into your cart when it was showing "in stock", however it may have gone "out of stock" by the processing time if there were other orders finalised before yours. When you finalise the order you can choose to keep the out of stock item on your order in which case the order will not ship until all items are available, or remove the out of stock item from your order and the order will ship immediately. When viewing products listed on this website in “List” mode, you will see some icon beside the product. Hover your mouse pointer over these icons and a message will give you the products availability.  Special order items will take approx. 20 to 40 days for delivery depending on the country of origin.

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