Twin Steel Through Zimbabwe 1991 - 1993

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Twin Steel Through Zimbabwe features regular operations, steam tours and cross border Union Limited rail safari tours. In addition to the locomotives rostered on the tour trains, various lineside sequences of regular steam freight operations in Zimbabwe are shown. These include action at Bulawayo locomotive shed and station, where the Garratt type reigned supreme.

NRZ locomotive classes shown include 7, 9B, 12, 14, 14A, 15A, 16A, 19, 20A.

Guest appearances from SAR locomotives (on the South African routes) comprise classes 12AR, 15CA, 15E, 15F, 16DA, 19D, 24, 25NC, GF, GL and GMAM.

Twin Disc Box - Over 4 hours run time! Produced by Jean Dulez.

Product Specifications
Media Format DVD5R
Video Format PAL
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Audio Format DOLBY 2.0
Running Time 250 MIN

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