Newington Navy Armament Depot

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Unknown to the great majority of the population, Since 1909 there has been a very interesting 610mm (2 ft) gauge railway quietly operating on most days at the Royal Australian Navy Armament Depot "Newington" (now named Newington Armoury) a mere 16 km West of Sydney, right next to the Olympic site, but well hidden from public view. Until recently, access by the public was virtually impossible, and it was not until 1997 that our cameras were allowed in to record the final period of the railway in use under Navy security control. The first building on the site, a powder magazine built in 1897 for the Royal Marine Garrison, is still there and in good order.  Federation came in 1901 and the site came under the control of the Commonwealth Naval Forces, followed in 1921 by the Royal Australian Navy.  We are very fortunate indeed that the Navy had strict control, keeping the base largely historically intact. Around 1996, the R.A.N. began a slow but certain move out of the depot, the control of which had been handed over to the Olympic Co-ordination Authority, but with the Navy retaining a lease.  Only then were we able to obtain Navy Passes to take videotape.

On this video we take a 1997 driver's view ride over virtually all the 7 km of lines in the depot on several trains hauled or propelled by each of the four 1964 model Gemco battery electric locomotives, or in Navy terms “Electromobiles”.  You will see many buildings, take a ride through the one built in 1897 and visit the interior of building 20 in the colonial precinct, a former cordite explosives store, to see one of three pre-1900 rail wagons. There are also lineside views of the trains, in historic locations, through scenic woodland, beside the wetlands and in the wharf area with its two Navy cranes. This DVD offers the only opportunity to see and ride the trains of wooden wagons on the lines in the immediate post-Navy form.  Changes have already occurred.  By 2008, the date of this DVD, there are new metal carriages, some  track changes and more are anticipated. Newington Armoury is regularly open to the public in Millennium Parklands. 

Product Specifications
Media Format DVDR
Video Format PAL
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Audio Format DOLBY 2.0
Running Time 100 MIN
Special Features Chapter selection

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