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Golden Thread

Golden Thread

Join us on the Union Limited as we enjoy the delights of the Garden Route, the drama of the Montagu Pass and the strange, exotic appeal of the Little Karoo. Though there's nothing to beat the exhilaration of actually traveling behind steam, aboard a vintage train, this video will take you as close to the original experience as you can get.   ..

52 MIN

$16.50 $29.95 Ex Tax: $15.00

Desert Steam

Desert Steam

Join South Africa’s celebrated Union Limited on a 5000 km steam odyssey - a pioneering journey into the Namib desert. Aboard this authentic thirties-style train, you’ll relive the grand old days of colonial rail travel. Through the vast thirstlands of Southern Africa, your steam trek will take you across the arid plains of Namibia and down to the Atlantic Ocean.  This video brings you steam in glorious action, as the Union Limited plies the inhospitable wastes of scrub and sand. And it takes you right on board the first mainline steam passenger train that Namibia has seen in 40 years! ..

75 MIN

$16.50 $29.95 Ex Tax: $15.00

Adventure Steam

Adventure Steam

South Africa’s 2-foot narrow gauge lines run through the constantly changing glorious scenery of the valleys. Riding onboard, passengers are truly reliving the past with the steam engine hauling the train. The magical steam world has been recreated for us thanks to enthusiasts with passion for this charming and nostalgic era.  This DVD is a compilation of two programmes celebrating the 2-foot narrow gauge. The Avontuur Adventurer The first narrow gauge train started its service in 1903.  In 1920 the arrival of the first Garratt locomotive on the Avontuur line heralded an era of new Garratt construction for the South African Railways.  After re-gauging the lines in Namibia, Class NG15 engines were brought to South Africa. The engine crews nicknamed them ‘Kalaharis’ and the locomotives soon became very popular. They look like toys, but don’t be fooled they were good workers puffing their way through the sugar fields, mountains and valleys. Na..

65 MIN

$29.95 Ex Tax: $27.23

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