Twin Steel Through Kenya 2011

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Preserved Steam & Regular Trains

Vidrail takes us to Kenya during May 2011 to join a Geoff’s Trains preserved steam tour, which commenced in Nairobi with a visit the Rift Valley Railway's central workshops. Here, apart from diesel locomotive and rolling stock repairs, Kenya Railways Museum working steam locomotives for the tour were being serviced. These comprised a 4-8-0, No. 2409 and the huge Garratt, No. 5918, “Mt. Gelai”, the largest of this type for the metre gauge.

Another locomotive, No. 3020, “Nyaturu” a 2-8-4, had already been sent down to Naivasha in preparation for a mixed train excursion the following day back to Nairobi, up the Great Rift Valley. This 120km journey from Naivasha sees No. 3020 tackle a climb of nearly 600m, which takes up most of the day. This is considered to be one of the world’s great railway journeys.

Back in Nairobi, there is chance to see commuter train action around the station, together with freight turns from the Mombasa side of the Kenya Railway. There are also several old 1960s era English Electric class 87s still in regular service.

The East African Railways class 59, No. 5918, the 4-8-2 + 2-8-4 Garratt, is steamed up for the first time in several years to perform some station shunts for the benefit of the tour photographers.

On the third day, there is also a short passenger train excursion to nearby Makadara station, in east Nairobi, behind the 4-8-0 oil burner, No. 2409. Finally, a short excursion behind             No. 5918 in the direction of Athi River, outside Nairobi on the Mombasa line.

This programme gives the viewer an insight to this metre gauge railway, the likes of which are quite different to the Cape gauge system, which is found in most of the neighbouring countries of sub-equatorial Africa.  This may also prove to be last occasion that as  many  as  three  steam  loco's from the Museum can be steamed up and  operated  for a  tour group at any one time.

Produced by Jean Dulez. No Narration

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