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Just Australian Buses 5 by Greg Travers, marks the closure of most of Sydney’s main thoroughfare, George Street; looks at some Sydney private operators during 1970-1976; Tasmanian snapshots from 1971-2000; mostly postwar Albion double deckers and some early bus views 1911-1935.

We take a walk along George Street, filming and stopping along the way, for “then and now” still photos, over a 100-year period. The Sydney Bus Museum operated a vintage bus service on the last day, alongside normal State Transit of NSW, Hillsbus, Big Bus and other operators’ services. We also see George Street from some different vantage points. In preparation for construction of the new light rail system, Australia’s busiest bus street, ceased to be, after Saturday 3 October 2015.

Sydney private bus operators are visited during the 1970-1976 period, focusing on the vehicles operated, during the transition to second hand vehicles on heavy chassis. Guest videographer, Peter Vasey, provides footage of Hunters Hill Bus Company’s REO fleet, in this chapter (and later of Albion vehicles). Still pictures introduce Tasmanian Snapshots from 1971-2000, from Bedfords to movie of Leylands, Hinos, Volvos and Scanias, mostly operated by METRO, the government operator. Almost “cult status” is held by, Albion double deckers and we take time to look at them in NSW government, then private service and preservation.

The final chapter looks at veteran bus preservation in the United Kingdom, and compares with still photos of the same makes of vehicles operating in Australia, buses from 1911-1935 in operation. We see solid tyres and a difficult hand-crank engine start.

Cine film, analogue video footage and some still photography are used. Digitised cine film has been dubbed with live sound and combined with later analogue, Hi-8 and digital video footage. There is no narration, but the bus sounds are accompanied by informative sub-titles.

We hope that you enjoy Just Australian Buses 5 by Greg Travers, which is the 21th title in the “Just…” transport series, which includes rail and tram titles. Look out for Just Australian Buses parts 1, 2, 3 & 4.


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Media Format DVDR
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Running Time 115 MIN

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