Steam Tram Nostalgia

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This DVD contains two videos that were previously released on VHS and features Australia’s last steam tram service. Based on the 1930s B&W films on 8mm by the late Arthur Stell and on 9.5mm by the late Bert Rowling, see the coal burning steam trams that chugged their smoky way around the Kogarah area and the virtually smokeless coke burning trams in George Street Parramatta. All interspersed with colour scenes of the same places about 1990. Sound recordings were made of the preserved steam tram in Parramatta Park and these sounds have been carefully dubbed into appropriate scenes on the B&W parts of the video. The original Umatic and one inch master tapes have been professionally copied to digital format and duplicated to DVD. PQ B & some C .

Black & White & Colour The period covered is 1936 to the end of the steam trams in 1937, with a brief look at their replacements, the trolley buses. The video first looks at scenes taken in sequence from Kogarah, right around the whole system, followed by scenes of the day to day running. Included are views inside a steam tram motor, regular 1, 2 and 3 car trams, coal haulage, depot scenes, trams in the railway yards and on practically every part of the system. The occasional horse and cart is also seen. Finally we see the last days with a brief look at the replacing trolley buses.

Black & White & Colour Steam tram motors are moved around Mortuary Station and Regent Street tram lines by means of various electric tram ballast motors. Briefly watch motors at work at Clyde & Bargo, moving electric trams along the railway lines at Wolli Creek, West Ryde and delivering new corridor trams between Strathfield and Sydney. The main feature is priceless B&W film of the steam trams in regular service in 1937 along George Street Parramatta and Grand Avenue, with location maps and historic still photos. Included is the departure from Sydney of former Kogarah steam tram motors, including Australia's last government tram, 103A, and their arrival over the railway lines at Camellia in 1937. Preserved tram 103A is covered in colour, running in Parramatta Park, trials at Thirlmere after rebuild, and back in service at Parramatta in 1992.

(From 2007, 103A operates at Valley Heights Historic Loco Depot Museum, restored to its former glory after a disastrous fire in Parramatta Park - not covered in this DVD).

Product Specifications
Media Format DVDR
Video Format PAL
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Audio Format DOLBY 2.0
Running Time 123 MIN
Special Features Chapter selection

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