Richmond Line

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Branching off to the north from the main western line at Blacktown, the Richmond line has four photogenic bridges. South Creek Bridge was a steel span with timber trestle approaches, and Rickaby's Creek trestle was a long timber trestle. These have been captured on video, along with their replacement concrete structures. Two more bridges over roads near Windsor remain timber structures and are of course covered. Several lower quadrant signals on the line had the somewhat uncommon McKenzie & Holland ornate finials, and these are seen in good close up.

The video opens with brief views of passenger services, working back in time from electric through 2 car diesel, CPH railmotor, 30 class 4-6-4 tank, before taking a more in depth look at the operations of trains hauled by 32 class 4-6-0s, including the one hauling the last regular steam run to Richmond, with brief views of the loco yard and engine shed. 5353, a standard goods 2-8-0 is covered on a train of hoppers Special runs covered go back to 1960 with the last of the 24 class 2-6-0s No. 2413 on an ARHS special of "dog box" cars. The engine is turned on Richmond's turntable.

From here the video moves forward in time, covering events and regular services as they happened, including 30 class 4-6-4 tanks on the familiar end-loading wooden suburban cars (which are now banned from operation), a pair of D55 class 2-8-0s with Southern valve gear on an SRC special, and including again Richmond turntable. Then follows regular services with 30, 32 and CPH railmotors, LVR's 30T class tender loco on shuttle trips Windsor-Richmond, and Barry Tulloch's 30 class 4-6-4 tank engine. 2 car diesel trains are seen terminating at Riverstone, and out on the line with their now unique air whistles.

Covered next is the spectacular railway operations associated with the 2 day Richmond Air Show, with literally dozens of double deck electric trains being hauled dead by 48 class diesels, plus 2 car diesel sets made up to six car sets, and rare visits from a DEB air conditioned train in what must have been the line's busiest period. The railways 125th birthday celebrations are seen next, with CPH railmotors from Lachlan Valley and Macquarie Valley Railways, coupled into sets of 3 cars, running the service normally operated by the 2 car diesel sets, and maintaining the timetable! The period of preparation for electric trains follows, with views of stations being upgraded, signalling being replaced and 5910 2-8-2 on a special.

The concluding series of views features the opening day of electric trains to Richmond on 17th August 1991, with emphasis on activity not covered by the TV stations. See electric trains crossing at Mulgrave, electric staff operation, the VIP train out along the track and the electric trains in the form of Comeng double decker 2 car sets, specially fitted with headlights, followed by a failed, over-worked, under-maintained 2 car diesel set, the last to leave Richmond, festooned with balloons, being towed away by a 48 class Alco diesel.

Recent material for the video was taken on our Sony ENG camera. Most of the 2 car diesel scenes are from Umatic 3/4 inch video. Early steam footage has been professionally transferred from 16mm, 9.5mm and 8mm film.

Product Specifications
Media Format DVDR
Video Format PAL
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Audio Format DOLBY 2.0
Running Time 60 MIN

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