Railway Reminiscence - Volume 3

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New South Wales, Australia - 1973 & 1975

The Railway Reminiscence series makes available to all, acceptable quality silent films from the past, which to date have only been able to be viewed by the owners of the films and maybe their close friends. As these were silent films, rather than dub possibly inappropriate sounds of trains we opted to use commentary and tasteful music background of the production era.

This is the second production featuring super 8 silent films by the late Bert Scales, believed to be taken in 1973 - 1975.

The main features are: BORDER LOOP, an intriguing spiral single track at the border of NSW and Queensland. Trains are all diesel hauled by 44, 45 and 442 class Goodwin and Comeng Alcos and include in December 1973, the Brisbane Limited Express with 2 locos, a van, 7 tuscan red cars, 5 stainless steel cars and a tuscan van. Many freights, including loads of motor cars and what looks like a big speedigas tanker. Brisbane Express. Bridges at first and second Grady’s crossings. The “Ganger’s Express”. The tunnel and crossing loop at the border. Border Loop Signal Box.

BETHUNGRA SPIRAL, on the NSW Main South line in January 1974, where the down line heads more or less straight down the hill, but the up line crosses under the down, under itself, over itself then over the down while rising in a spiral. The film covers almost every section of the spiral from bottom to top. Trains are all diesel and include air conditioned “Daylights”, non air conditioned heavy cars, a 14 car Scout special, DEB 4 car diesel, Tulloch 4 car diesel and several goods trains including oil tankers. Locos include Clyde GM 421, 422 and Goodwin Alco 44. The segment concludes at the end of the deviation at the top of the spiral.

THE LAST WORKING DAYS OF 4-8-4 + 4-8-4 BEYER GARRATT 6042. See 6042 and 6018 blasting to the sky as they lift a coal train out of Fassifern. 6042 works a Lachlan Valley Railway passenger tour to Forbes including a beautiful shot of the train crossing a low trestle with the train reflected in the still water. Finally, the delivery tour of 6042 and 2-8-0 5367 to Lachlan Vintage Village. The train comprises “dogboxes”, heavy and clerestory roof cars and end loading suburban, firstly along the main line, collecting part restored 4-6-4 tank engine3112, then on temporary tracks across paddocks and as the sun sets, along a street on the way to the Village, with the tracks picked up behind the train, and laid ahead of it “Hornby toy train” style.

Footage captured on various brands of super 8 film, transferred by flying spot scanner to Broadcast Standard One Inch tape, linier edit to BetaCam master, transferred to digital format for release on DVD. An Original Rowlingstock Film Production.

Product Specifications
Media Format DVDR
Video Format PAL
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Audio Format DOLBY 2.0
Running Time 55 MIN
Special Features Chapter selection

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