The Rock Trains

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No one had ever put these old steam engines to a real test for a very long time. But, a unique set of circumstances made this challenge unavoidable.

The historic Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad operates with an amazing assortment of steam-era logging locomotives. Big tank engines, little rod engines, and vairious geared-engines. These locomotives are part of the Western Forest Industries Museum collection.

The bridge that washed out was critical to their operations...and to the long-range plans of the Tacoma Eastern Railroad (owned by the City of Tacoma).

At the end of the line there is still a lumber operation that needs to make shipments by rail. As you can see on the overview map, there is no other track route across the Nisqually River to get to the seaports of Tacoma. Obviously, the bridge had to be rebuilt.

To help rebuild the bridge, the Mt Rainier Scenic was called upon to transport rock and gravel on a journey of 12 miles up and over the mountain. There was no time to waste. If the winter storms arrived it would wash away what was left of the bridge.

Because of the washout isolated the track, the ONLY equipment available to haul the trains were two old STEAM ENGINES...and some very old side-ways dumping hopper cars!

The old shortlines never had the operating budgets of the major railroads.

To keep things running with 2nd hand equipment, the crews had to be 1st rate, a bit rambunctious, and definitely resourceful.

On a short line railroad, the bottom line was always "in your face." (It still is.)

So, here was just such "a day" ...with all the challenges of working against time ...time that was running out fast.

Everything depended on human dedication above and beyond the call of duty... and two cantankerous old steam locomotives that seemed to demanded center stage.

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