Our Last Log Hauler - Volume 1

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Long days on a short line.

The exclusive, feature-length dvd explores the famous Simpson Timber Company Railroad in Washington State from the inside. Located on the Olympic Peninsula, the SIMPSON RR began in the 1890's, becoming the longest-running, private logging railroad in the US.   Volume One of the planned three-part series is titled LONG DAYS ON A SHORT LINE.

The historic footage that will make up the series was shot in 1994, yet a planned release never came to fruition.  In 1994, SIMPSON was still running log trains of 75 cars up to a reload site in the high country.  SIMPSON grounds and forest plantations are strictly off-limits to non-employees.  Fortunately, Golden Rail Video was given full-permission from upper management to document their railroad activites for posterity.

Long Days On A Short Line uses maps, historic photos, and extended action scenes to tell the history of this famous logging railroad.  SIMPSON had a fleet of five, 1st generation diesels in its livery, including three SW1200's, an SW900, and an ALCO 600.  In this first volume we see them being dispatched for the day... switching the yards and hauling logs, lumber, and empties.  We see the afternoon arrival of the high-country train...75 fully-loaded log cars. The presence of Simpson's red cabooses on the line only enhances the nostalgia.

We visit the dispatchers office, and an unusual meet at Knight's Siding.  We'll see #1202 switching the dry sort yard in the woods. We are treated to a quick tour of Mill 5 where laser technology was first being introduced.

In 1994, it was the old Burlington Northern that provided SIMPSON'S rail link to the greater marketplace. Long time railfans will appreciate the sight of the "green machines" switching the interchange and shuffling all manner of now vintage freight cars.

We have a quick tour of the car maintenence shops, the steam-era roundhouse, and its hand-operated turntable (the last one in daily, commercial use in North America.)

There's also a brief appearance by Hammond Lumber #16 a logging mike that was stored on Simpson grounds beside their roundhouse.  The 16 was undergoing a few shake-down runs prior to its appearance at a local forest festival.  (More footage of the 16 will be featured later in the series.)

Perhaps, only a miraculous set of circumstances allowed all of this action to be captured on (what was then) broadcast quality equipment.  Golden Rail producer Rob Simpson believes he may have been granted permission to shoot the railroad because of the coincidental last name.  It just may have amused upper-management enough to give the independent project the green light.

Product Specifications
Media Format DVDR
Video Format NTSC
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Audio Format DOLBY 5.1
Running Time 90 MIN
Special Features Chapter selection, Two audio tracks

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