• Log Haulers in Winter

Log Haulers in Winter

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Join Golden Rail Video on an adventure into the high country of the Pacific Northwest...where steam railroading on old logging lines has been authentically re-created.

Golden Rail producer Rob Simpson spent years gathering and editing footage of steam railroading in weather where most would prefer to be safe indoors.

The exclusive use of vintage rail equipment allows recontructing a fictional day-in-the-life on the timber-rich, Olympic Penisula logging railroads.

Log Haulers in Winter is divided into two 60+ minute segments.

Part One covers morning activities of the crews as they prepare the engines for the day, and then head out into the woods.

Part Two joins various crews as they tackle snow, rain, and steep grades.

The viewer shares in trackside runbys of logging, freight, and maintenence-of-way trains complete with caboose.

We'll see switching of cars in the woods, crews scrambling to provide locomotive maintenance as they hustle to stay on schedule.

There's a ride in the caboose of a log train pulled by a class-C Climax geared engine (Hillcrest Lumber Co. #10).

There's a cab ride in a Baldwin logging mike (McCloud River RR #18, photogrpahed on the now abandoned McCloud Railway) as she heads over a snowy mountain pass.

We'll see her bashing through 7-foot high snow banks with a bucket-flanger plow.

There's a cab ride in a three-truck Heisler (West Fork Logging #91) with a string of log cars as she races along a river swollen with snow-melt.

Other locomotives featured are: a rare geared Willamette (Rayonier Logging #2), a second Baldwin logging mike (Polson Brothers Logging #70), and a husky ALCO minaret-type 2-8-2 tank engine (Hammond Lumber Co. #17) shot on a former logging branch of the Milwaukee Road, and now the home of the expansive Mt Rainier Scenic RR collection.

There's also a brief appearance by Hammond Lumber #16 hauling logs on the Simpson Timber Co. Rail Road.

Product Specifications
Media Format DVDR
Video Format NTSC
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Audio Format DOLBY 5.1
Running Time 123 MIN
Special Features Chapter selection

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