USA Rails - Route 66 Hotspots - California

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Route 66 - the Mother Road.

Immortalised in Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath", this non-descript two lane pot holed, cracked and worn road represents hardship, grit determination and the pursuit of the American Dream.

Now re-named as the National Trails Highway, it’s history still lives on with small towns that were by-passed by Interstate 40 still clinging on to life by embracing the heritage that is, Route 66.

Sharing the landscape alongside is the BNSF Transcon, which also passes through these same small towns.

We commence our coverage just east of Barstow at Daggett, and continue east to Ludlow and Goffs, pausing at Siberia - aptly named for its desert surrounds and shimmering heat.

On the border of Arizona we finish off at Park Moabi - a riverside resort for those whose lives revolve around the Colorado River.

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