USA Rails - Route 66 Hotspots - Arizona

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Route 66 - the Mother Road. Immortalised in Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath", this non-descript two lane pot holed, cracked and worn road represents hardship, grit determination and the pursuit of the American Dream.

Now re-named as the National Trails Highway, it’s history still lives on with small towns that were by-passed by Interstate 40 still clinging on to life by embracing the heritage that is, Route 66.

We continue out journey east across the Mojave desert starting at Topock, adjacent to the Colorado river. Here Route 66 has become Interstate 40 - a very busy highway where the ratio of trucks to cars is 7 to 1.

Heading north we meet Route 66 at Kingman, and Kingman Canyon is where the rail action meets rugged scenery.

Sticking to Route 66, we visit Valentine where Crozier Canyon emerges, Peach Springs and Crookton.

At Flagstaff the sparsely vegetated desert is replaced by the greenery of Ponderosa pines.

The program rounds up at Cosnino and Winona.


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