A Line Once Travelled - A Trackside Journey 02

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Part 1.

The Melbourne to Adelaide broad gauge rail corridor (pre 1995) represented a significant link between the east-west seaboards of Australia. During the 70's and 80's, this corridor played host to a combination of electric staff, three position signaling and CTC safe working methods, complimented with idyllic yet isolated rail outposts such as Trawalla and Buangor in Victoria. However, the political wheels of technology were fast gathering momentum and by 1995 this 120-year-old line would succumb to standardization and significantly change forever. 

Whilst most of the engineering accomplishments pertaining to the original railway construction are still in use, the 200km section of track between Melbourne and Ararat (via Bacchus Marsh) is today, merely a shadow of it's former glory, surrendering to light commuter traffic in liue of heavy interstate "jets" and super freighters. A Line Once Travelled is a two part audio-visual extravaganza capturing tasts of this unique blend of diverse rail traffic and terrain synonymous with C, X S and Alco class locomotives.

Note: This title has been reauthored. The audio problems associated with the original release have been fixed with full train and surrounds audio for the duration of the show.

Product Specifications
Media Format DVDR
Video Format PAL
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Audio Format DOLBY 2.0
Running Time 90 MIN

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