• Diesel Diary Volume 11 HD BluRay

Diesel Diary Volume 11 HD BluRay

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Stunning footage recorded from 2006 through to 2016 illustrating a huge variety of diesel locomotives operating throughout NSW. Experiance the sight and sound of ARG Ls and CLPs storming through the Central West, quad Cs on a huge grain train tackling the grades from Junee to Goulburn and then join the crew for a cab ride on the challenging climb from Rhodes to hornsby, spend a day watching an amazing variety of locomotives tackle the infamous Cowan bank; marvel at the spectacular performance of B61, S317, GM27, GM10 & S302 with a massive ninety wagon train from Parkes to Lithgow plus much more

Product Specifications
Media Format BluRay
Aspect Ratio Widescreen
Running Time 100 minutes

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