• Diesel Diary HD Volume 10 Blu-ray

Diesel Diary HD Volume 10 Blu-ray

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Diesel Diary HD volume 10 contains 85 minutes of stunning high definition footage recorded from 2006 through to 2015 illustrating a huge variety of diesel locomotives operating throughout NSW. Witness the spectacular sight and sound of ageing B, GM, 44 & 45 class units through to sparkling new FIE & CF locos working hard on the main southern and western lines and tackling the infamous Cowan bank. Experience incredibly rare scenes of C504 Working with 2 ARG L class, and C505 wearing the National Rail livery lashed up with QRN locos 2818, 42202 & X53 hauling an express intermodal freight. Follow the uniquely painted John Holland Rail 48s working hard with green 4908 out to dubbo. Their is much more to see on this title.

Product Specifications
Media Format Blu-ray
Aspect Ratio widescreen
Running Time 85 minutes

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