The Best of Tasmanian Railways - Volume 1

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The Best of Tasmanian Railways Volume 1 begins with how the mainline scene was just a few short years ago, when a variety of different locomotive types roamed the rails.

We begin on the North West Coast with train 31, before heading to the south of the state to see 2 Z class leading an empty ballast train on the climb up to the Rhyndaston tunnel. 31 is again seen on same day, but this time being headed by 2 D class and a DQ.

3 red DQ class haul a loaded ore train north on the Melba Line between Hampshire and Burnie, we then move to various trips along the Western Line with DQ, MKA, 2050, ZR, ZP and D class locomotives on a number of different occasions.

Triple headed 2050 class are seen a couple of times as well at the head of train 31. We chase them from Perth to Conara Junction on a windy afternoon in 2013. If that wasn't enough, we also witness the first daylight crossing over the new Leven River Bridge at Ulverstone with 2 MKA's on the point of the paper train.

We eventually move to more recent times and see a number of workings on the South Line in October 2017 with DQ's and TR's. The final segment of this production features 8mm clips from the 1960's and 1970's. Highlights include the Tasman Limited with X class English Electric haulage, double headed H class and finally H2 operating in the Deloraine area.

If you like a variety of different locomotive types, then this production could be what you are looking for.

Join us in volume 1 of this new series! Fully narrated.

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Media Format DVDR
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Aspect Ratio 16:9
Audio Format DOLBY 2.0
Running Time 78 MIN

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