• Power of the DQ's - Part 2

Power of the DQ's - Part 2

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Part 2 of Power of the DQ's continues the story of these veterans as they work on the mainlines in Tasmania, and also on the South Island in New Zealand as they spend there last days banking trains before withdrawal and purchase by a railway company in South Africa.

As well as this, we also join the cab of loco 2011 as we travel on the southbound paper train between Powranna and the Rhyndaston tunnel in Tasmania's southern midlands during a beautiful 2006 day.

In 2017 at least 3 DQ"s were put to work hauling ballast trains on the South Line and we cover them at a variety of locations including Andover, Parattah, Rhyndaston, Coal Mine Bend and much more.

If this wasn't enough, we also see locos 2001 and 2002 hauling coal trains on the Fingal Line, and take a trip back to the early 2000's to see a number of lash ups which are now part of history.

Its all here in Power of the DQ's Part 2!

Product Specifications
Media Format DVDR
Video Format PAL
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Audio Format DOLBY 2.0
Running Time 65 MIN

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