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Just NSW Trains” is a production featuring generous clips of locomotive noise, many types of locomotives, colour schemes and operators, operating over the former New South Wales rail system.

The program includes journeys to the south of Sydney featuring diverted coal and grain trains; the Hunter Valley highlighting new locomotives and rolling stock in service; Stratford-Duralie coal haulage on the north coast line; a day at Belfield on the Sydney’s goods lines; regular and maintenance trains in western NSW and the main north featuring banking of coal trains at Ardglen.

Operators and Liveries include: CFCLA, Cityrail, Downer - EDI, EL Zorro, Freightliner, Great Southern, Greentrains, Independent Rail of Australia, Pacific National, POTA / QUBE, QR National and Southern Shorthaul Railroad.

Locomotives featured include: 14, 22, 44, 442, 442s, 47, 48, 48s, 80, 81, 82, 90, 92, 423, 830, 5020, 6000, BL, C, CLF, CLP, DL, EL, FL, G, GL, LDP, NR, PL, RL, TT, VL, WH, X, XR, XPT, Endeavour and Explorer railcars.

While there is no narration, screen captions assist the viewer. This is the 12th in the “Just…” transport series. We are sure that you will enjoy “Just NSW Trains” by Greg Travers.

Product Specifications
Media Format BDR
Video Format 1080i
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Audio Format DOLBY 2.0
Running Time 74 MIN
Special Features Chapter selection

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