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Train Time is the story of one railway day which begins and ends with an operating conference telephone-linked from end to end of Britain. The film tells how a sudden demand for extra locomotives in West Cornwall may affect the tinplate traffic from South Wales; how fish from the Scottish ports is rushed south to the markets; how coal wagons are sorted in Toton Marshalling Yard; how the movement of cattle from Ireland may affect enginemen's working in the Midlands; how London's evening rush to the suburbs is dealth with.

Elizabethan Express ran from King's Cross Station, London to Waverley Station, Edinburgh, a distance of 393 miles. The Elizabethan, a summertime express does this journey in 6.5 hours non-stop - the longest daily non-stop in the world to be timed at over 60 mph. This film is about one of these runs, and the men behind the service: the people who planned it in the first place; the men who maintain the engines; the men who build the coaches; the men who see that the track will stand the strain of 450 tons at speeds of more than 90 mph; the men who make sure that the train has a clear run. And there are the guard, the kitchen staff, the buffet staff, and the two sets of enginemen. This film captures the speed and excitement of one of those runs and, in verse by Paul le Saux, the characters of those taking part.

Viewing Note: Both films are high quality B&W film transfers and worthy viewing from a historical standpoint.


Product Specifications
Media Format DVDR
Video Format PAL
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Audio Format DOLBY 2.0
Running Time 45 MIN

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